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The nocasept aseptic line meets highest requirements to material, workmanship and hygienic design. The aseptic valve design uses the same materials and inside surface quality which results in a far ranging, complete line allowing orbital welding. nocasept includes the following product groups:





The components in the nocasept line are used particularly in the pharmaceutical industry and for the production of top-quality machines and equipment (e.g. medical equipment).



All components are available with complete documentation in conformance with all usual standards and regulations and with corresponding identification. 

  • Material in contact with product 1.4435
  • Capable of orbital welding
  • Hygiene classes 2, 3, 4 and 5



  • Dimensions according to:
    • DIN (DIN 11864/11865/11866)
    • ISO (DIN EN ISO 1127)
    • OD (ASME BPE) 
  • Inside surfaces:
    • Ground or machine-finished, if desired, electro-polished
    • Ra < 0.25 μm – 0.8 μm
  • Outside surfaces:
    • Pickled, machine-finished, ground/brushed, if desired electro-polished
  • Seals:
    • EPDM, Viton, HNBR, Silicone (only for pipe connections) according to FDA directive.
  • Documentation (optional):
    • Specific test report 2.2 acc. to EN 10204
    • Inspection certificate 3.1 (3.1.B) for delivered product, according to EN 10204.
    • Confirmation of surface roughness inside/outside with certificate of compliance 2.2 according to EN 10204.
    • Confirmation of delta ferrite content in test report
    • For pre-fabrication: Endoscopic picture of inner weld (photoprint or video)
    • X-ray test
    • For fittings: Installation and spare-parts lists
    • Quality specifications:
      • Generally applicable standards
      • AD 2000 W2
  •  Packaging and shipping:
    • Formed parts are provided with plastic end caps and individually packed in plastic foil.
    • Pickled, neutralized, free of grease and oil residue. Ground tubes packed separately in PE hoses.
    • The tubes are plugged with plastic end caps and shipped in crates (if desired, all tubes can be wrapped in plastic foil).

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