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Butterfly valves


( Technical information butterfly valves as PDF-file)



For shut-off, particularly for use with

  • liquid
  • pasty and
  • gaseous, non-abrasive media


Nocado butterfly valves can also be used for shut-off and regulating pourable dry materials.


Special butterfly valves without gaskets can also be produced for these applications.



  • Hygienic EHEDG zertified, sturdy, very reliable version with long service life
  • With nominal sizes from DN 20 to DN 200
  • Housing and plate are always made of forged or hot-rolled pre-material
  • Computer-optimized sealing system for a longer service life of the gaskets
    • sealing lug ensures defined gasket pressure to product chamber
    • relief grooves for controlled expansion of the gasket
    • improved geometry for consistent distribution of forces
  • High reliable flow rate
  • High reliable working pressures
  • Weld-on valves are not pre-assembled
  • Bearing bush as clip-on version



  • <//strong><//strong><//strong><//strong><//strong><//strong><//strong><//strong><//strong><//strong>Manually actuated
    • with ergonomic handle latching at 0° and 90°, optional every 15°
    • with stainless-steel scissors-type handle 360°, 4 latching positions
    • with knurled screw handle steplessly locking between 0° and 90°
  • Pneumatically actuated
    • spring closing (normally close, NC), standard version
    • spring opening (normally open, NO)
    • air/air (non static, NST)
  • Actuated by electric motor
  • For welding on
  • As intermediate flange version
  • With pipe connections from the Nocado product lines
  • End position feedback with
    • proximity initiators (also Namur)
    • mechanical limit switches
  • Pneumatic adjuster
  • Control head also with ASI bus
  • Gasket materials according to FDA directive 21 CFR 177.2600
    • VMQ (Silicone) (translucent version on request)
    • HNBR
    • EPDM
    • FKM
  • Type examination according ATEX for zone 0, zone 1 and zone 2 (see Information brochure ATEX)

Planning instructions:

Pressure loss


  • The sealing quality has a decisive influence on the service life of a gasket. In addition to the geometry, the mixture and production process are decisive for the function and service life. In spite of the same chemical designations, gaskets differ on the basis of the additives and particularly, the degree of cross-linkage.
  • Exceptionally high product temperatures can also destroy the structure of  the gasket. Gaskets may be defective even though they appear to be intact.
    • The usual temperature specifications are based on dry air and are therefore not transferable to practical applications.
    • The allowable temperatures for liquid or steam are considerably lower in general.
  • In addition to the resistance to temperature and corrosion, the swelling characteristics of gaskets are decisive for their suitability.
  • Due to improvements on the geometry of the gaskets and the installation space, which are applied for a patent, a considerably higher resistance will be obtained against negative influences such as expansion due to temperature and swelling characteristics.
  • The following information is required for the selection of gaskets.
    • Product (also CIP/SIP) in contact with gasket, including
      • duration of contact
      • concentration
      • temperature or temperature change
      • switching cycles
  • An abundance of analysis procedures are available for the gasket qualities, but thereare no standards or guidelines which make it easier to measure the performance of a gasket. Gaskets can be optimized only in comprehensive tests.

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